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Swedish American Line Swedish American Line, or "Svenska Amerika Linien", specialized mainly in tourism rather than emigration, carrying wealthy Swedes wanting to visit the U.S.A. and prosperous Swedish-Americans wanting to visit the old country. As well, their ocean liners operated cruises in the off-season, usually to the Mediteranean, the North Cape and Baltic, but also to the Pacific, around South America, into the Caribbean and around-the-world.

Swedish American Line Gripsholm was built in Italy and was a fine-looking motorship of moderate speed. All public rooms were on Veranda Deck, with each class having a lounge, veranda, smoking room, library and card room. First class space was forward and the Tourist class midship to aft. There were indoor and outdoor swimming pools and all First class staterooms and all but about 20 in Tourist class had private facilities.

Swedish American Line The superb Kungsholm was built in the 1960s as an improved running mate. Slightly larger, faster and built almost exclusively for all year one-class cruising, Kungsholm public rooms were spread over Veranda and Promenade Decks and there were indoor and outdoor pools. Almost all staterooms had two lower beds and optional folding upper, although unlike Gripsholm, there were some inside cabins.

Swedish American Line Their eastbound transatlantic routing was from New York to Copenhagen (8 days) and Gothenburg (9 days). On the westbound crossing departure from Gothenburg and Copenhagen were usually on the same day, with arrival in New York 9 days later. In cruise service, Gripsholm's capacity was limited to 440 and Kungsholm's to only 405 passengers.

"Carefree days await when you cruise on the nine-story, sea-going palace, GRIPSHOLM, for this lovely vessel is a happy ship with a happy crew. Your very first sight of this gleaming white cruise ship will delight you - and you will leave everyday cares behind the very moment you cross her gangway."

Sample minimum one-way fares from Gothenburg to New York: First class $370; Tourist class $245; All fares are per person in U.S. dollars.

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Gripsholm - 1957 - Swedish American Line
Gripsholm Swedish American Line
Built: 1957 by Ansaldo SpA, Sestri Ponente, Italy Gross tons: 23216 Length: 631ft (192m) Width: 82ft (25m) Draft: 27ft (8m) Speed: 19kn Power: 18800 bhp Propulsion: Diesel twin screw Passengers: 150 First 692 Tourist End of service: Sold 1974 Later names: Navarino, Regent Sea
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Kungsholm - 1966 - Swedish American Line
Kungsholm Swedish American Line
Built: 1966 by John Brown & Co, Clydebank, Scotland Gross tons: 26678 Length: 660ft (201m) Width: 86ft (26m) Draft: 26ft (8m) Speed: 21kn Power: 27700 bhp Propulsion: Diesel twin screw Passengers: 108 First 605 Tourist End of service: Sold 1975 Later names: Sea Princess
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