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Lauro Lines The Lauro Lines of Italy ("Flotta Lauro") had been contemplating new ocean liners since the early 1960s for their growing passenger trade from Europe to Australia and New Zealand, which they had served since 1949 with converted American military vessels. When the superb Dutch-flag Willem Ruys and Oranje were withdrawn from their around-the-world service in 1964, they found very eager buyers. They were in excellent condition, but Lauro Lines gave them complete overhauls and renovations nevertheless.

Lauro Lines They were renamed Achille Lauro and Angelina Lauro, receiving new lido decks, Italian modern public rooms and contemporary cabins all with private facilities. They were given spacious lounges and dining rooms, nightclubs and discos and multiple swimming pools. They also sported very recognizable and distinctive smoke-deflecting funnels. Both ships were delayed by shipyard fires, finally entering their intended service in 1966.

Lauro Lines The ocean liners were routed from Genoa, Naples and Messina to Fremantle, Melbourne, Sydney and Wellington in four weeks via the Suez Canal in both directions. Eastbound journeys stopped in Aden, while westbound stopped in Singapore. Most voyages were extended to serve Southampton and either Rotterdam or Bremerhaven. After closure of the Suez Canal in 1967 the Achille Lauro and Angelina Lauro were detoured around Africa outbound, returning via Panama or even around South America until the line voyages ended in 1972.

Lauro Lines "Enjoy the world renowned warmth and friendliness of the Italian hospitality in the beautiful ANGELINA LAURO. You'll fall in love with her at first sight and participate in that in-love-with-the-world feeling created by the attentive Italian crew happy to be at your service."

Achille Lauro gained notoriety in 1985 when she was hijacked by four men with ties to the Palestine Liberation Front while enroute from Alexandria to Port Said, Egypt when most of her passengers were ashore on an overland tour to Cairo.

Sample minimum one-way fares from Genoa to Wellington: First class $652; Tourist class $523; All fares are per person in U.S. dollars.

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Achille Lauro (Lauro Lines) 1947
Achille Lauro Lauro Lines
Built: 1947 by Kon Maats de Schelde, Flushing, Holland Gross tons: 23629 Length: 643ft (196m) Width: 82ft (25m) Draft: 29ft (9m) Speed: 22kn Power: 38000 bhp Propulsion: Diesel twin screw Passengers: 152 First 1155 Tourist End of service: Cruising only from 1972; burned and sunk 1994
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Angelina Lauro (Lauro Lines) 1939
Angelina Lauro Lauro Lines
Built: 1939 by Netherlands SB Co, Amsterdam, Holland Gross tons: 24377 Length: 674ft (205m) Width: 83ft (25m) Draft: 29ft (9m) Speed: 21kn Power: 37500 bhp Propulsion: Diesel triple screw Passengers: 189 First 1427 Tourist End of service: Cruising only from 1972; chartered to Costa Line 1977; burned and sunk 1979
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